Types of Loans




      A.     Purchase of Property

To avoid losing the deposit when banks cannot commit the required mortgage to the buyer on time upon property transaction closing, we are able to offer mortgage plans as soon as within three working days and subject to satisfactory loan approval process.


      B.     Parking Spaces

Tailored for owners of car parking spaces with a loan tenor of six months for emergency.  No income proof of the owner is required at the initial approval stages. The loan-to-value ratio could reach as high as 70 percent.


      C.      First Mortgage

We only require Deed of Assignment initially when applying for first mortgage regardless the types and ages of the properties (such as private residential property, tenement buildings, village houses, villas, office buildings, industrial buildings and shops). Property owners can easily obtain cash without the need to provide any income proof at the first stage of approval process. No upper limit of the loan and subject to loan-to-value ratio as high as 75 percent.


      D.     Second Mortgage

Second mortgage gives property owners an opportunity to obtain extra cash for urgent needs with the underlying properties are already mortgaged.  No Deed of Assignment is required and property owners are able to keep the first mortgage with other financial institutions.  The loan-to-value ratio could reach as high as 80 percent regardless the types and ages of the properties.


SME Loans

SME Loans gives SME businessmen a fast and flexible loan arrangements. It could be short tenor loans for one month.  Interest is calculated on a daily basis to lower the interest cost of the owners.  The loans could be revolving in nature.